Open Dialog Box When Clicking on Calendar Event

Problem: I added a Calendar View (week) for a list on a Site Page. When I click an event, it takes me to another page instead of opening a dialog box. Solution: Paste that into a Script Editor web part or save it as calendar.js and then call it from a Content Editor web part.

Link To New Item Form

Give users the ability to add items to a list without showing the entire list web part. In my example, I've added a "Submit Request" button to a Document Set Welcome Page. Clicking this will open the New Item form for my Tickets list. Steps: 1. Add a Script Editor web part to your page. 2. … Continue reading Link To New Item Form


Edit Form Popup – Drag And Drop

By default, the edit form does not pop up when you drag and drop documents into a library. This piece of JavaScript will force an edit form to pop up for as many documents you drag and drop. For example, if you drag 5 documents at the same time, 5 individual edit forms will pop … Continue reading Edit Form Popup – Drag And Drop

Custom Quick Edit Button

To add a custom Quick Edit button to a page or view, add a Script Editor Web Part and embed the following code. Make sure you change the number in [WPQ2SchemaData] to the ID of the Web Part you want to Quick Edit. You can find that by inspecting the list or library Web Part using … Continue reading Custom Quick Edit Button

Filter Items By First Letter

Copy the following JavaScript into notepad and save it as a .txt file. Upload this text doc to the Site Assets library. Create a calculated column on the library you want to filter and name it "FL". Add this to the Formula field: =IF(ISNUMBER(INT(LEFT(Title,1))),"0-9",LEFT(Title,1)) Add a Content Editor web part to the page and open … Continue reading Filter Items By First Letter

Show Files & Library Tabs

Problem:  You want the Files and Library tabs to be visible when you browse to a page with multiple web parts. Solution: JavaScript! Add this to a Script Editor web part on the same page. You may need to change "MSOZoneCell_WebPartWPQ2" to the web part ID of the web part you want to focus on. … Continue reading Show Files & Library Tabs